What is String Quartet/Trio/Duo?

A String Quartet is made up of four instruments: 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. It has rich harmonies and a deep sound which is close to a chamber orchestra sound.

A String Trio includes three instruments: 2 violins and 1 cello or 1 violin, 1 viola and 1 cello. This option is good if you are working within a budget or  if the sitting area for the musicians has limited space.

A String Duo includes two instruments: 1 violin and 1 cello, or 2 violins.

Most popular classical, jazz and POP arrangements are written for string quartet.

How much time do musicians need for the set up?

We need 10 -15 mins for the set up. However we always aim to arrive 30 minutes prior to “start playing” time.

Do you require amplification?

We do not require amplification, however amplification is suggested for events with over 200 guests, though not essential.
If you are holding a particularly big event and/or event takes place in a venue with multiple rooms you might want to consider using amplification. In this case we recommend placing 2 microphones on stands in front of the string quartet.

Can Dolce Vita Strings provide their own amplification?

Yes, we can provide our own amplification for an additional charge.

What do musicians wear?

Attire is formal black. Dolce Vita girls wear elegant formal black. Guys wear black suit pants with a white or black shirt or a tuxedo.

What do musicians need for the set up?
We need armless chairs (4, 3 or 2 depending on how many musicians are playing), adequate reading light and  a sitting area 2x2 meters.
We bring our own music stands.

Do I need to provide musicians with a meal?
Meals are appreciated for  4+ hour bookings. Refreshments are appreciated for 1,5 hour bookings.

Will  Dolce Vita Strings perform outdoor?
Yes! We will gladly perform outdoor if weather permitting.
Shade/shelter from direct sunlight or rain (even light rain) is required.
This may mean finding a location that has shade, eg: shade from trees, a veranda close to the ceremony or a gazebo.
A large secure umbrella is also a popular option.
Dolce Vita musicians will not perform outdoor if temperature is below 65 F or above 85 F due to potential instruments damage. In case heavy rain and alternate location is required.

Can you play a song that is not on your song list?

Yes we can! an additional fee will apply if we need to arrange the music piece for a string quartet/trio.
If you have a particular song in mind, please check with us. Our repertoire is constantly growing so we just might have the right music piece even though you don’t see it among our repertoire.

Can I have two or more songs for the Processional?

Absolutely! A popular scenario is having separate song for each entrance, for example:
Paranets Entrance - Hymn by Vangelis (or a song of your choice)
Bride’s Party Entrance - Air on G(or a song of your choice)
Bride’s Entrance - Canon in D (or a song of your choice)

Special Tip: If your Bridal Party is small (fewer than 5 people) we recommend having one song for the entire procession for a better flow of the ceremony.

Does the ceremony count as a break?
The ceremony time is not counted as an official break. However, there is no break for 2 hour bookings.

Can my friend/relative sing with you?
Yes, we can usually perform with a singer.

Special Tip: Ave Maria (either Bach/Gounod or Schubert) is a popular option for a classical song and is relatively easy to put together with Dolce Vita Strings.
We do recommend booking for a minimum of 1.5 hours, so that your friend can have a short rehearsal with the musicians before the ceremony and guests arrival.

Can I meet you in person before the event?

We don’t usually offer a consultation in person. Through our extensive experience we’ve learned that all the details and logistics can be discussed over the phone or an email (email the best way since everything is documented).
However, if you’d like to book an event consultation there is a $200 additional charge.

Can I watch Dolce Vita Strings performing live prior to my event?

Unfortunately most of the events we play at are private and that limits us from inviting audience.
If you are interested in viewing Dolce Vita Strings live prior to your event, please send an email - we will try our best to arrange it for you.

Would Dolce Vita Strings be able to attend my ceremony rehearsal?
As we perform at the weddings very often and as weddings usually follow quite a clear format, we find that it is not usually necessary to attend ceremony rehearsals.
To have musicians attend your rehearsal, the prices are the same as for all bookings with Dolce Vita Strings.

Will you speak to priest/officiant prior to the ceremony to work out cues?

Yes, we normally speak to the priest/officiant prior to the start of the ceremony to discuss cues.

Do you need someone to give you a cue when to start playing a Processional?

While it’s not a necessity, we highly recommend our clients to appoint someone - a wedding planner/friend/relative to give musicians cues when Procession starts and as it continues, so we can sync the music pieces with the procession.
For example:
Parents Entrance (Hornpipe) - 1st cue.
Bride’s Party Entrance (Jesu Joy) - 2nd cue.
Bride’s Entrance (Canon in D) - 3rd cue.
Recessional (Wedding March) - priest/officiant gives a cue

What happens when I reach the altar? Does the music just stop?

We will subtly fade out and stop at the closest cadance.

What if the music piece is too short and is over before I arrive to the altar?

The music won’t stop until you reach the altar even if we need to add an extra repeat.

Who is responsible to pay taxes from the payment?

All Dolce Vita Strings musicians are responsible file their own taxes from the payment.

Does Dolce Vita Strings have a liability insurance?

Unfortunately, DVS haven’t reached the stage where liability insurance is needed. It is rarely requested from the string players as we don’t pose any liability risks. However, in certain cases when insurance requirements cannot be waved we can provide a single event liability insurance for an additional fee. Please contact us with details of your event for an estimate insurance quote.